January 13, 2018

I get a lot of brides coming in to see me to make their skin glow for their wedding. Here is my list of skin essentials for any bride - with a time line!

This treatments on this timeline would be customised for each clients individual needs. 

One year before wedding

Find a good home care skin routine and stick to it, consistency is the key here.

Get into the habit of drinking 1-2 litres of water a day.

The brides that I advise, start on Environ AVST 1 moisturiser (if they aren't on Environ already!),...

January 13, 2018

The beauty industry is raving about the new skin tightening technology which has launched very recently into the UK. There is a whole new generation of Plasma pens sweeping across the country and its very exciting. 

My chosen brand for this treatment is Plasma Elite, as there are some great elements about this plasma pen including a lovely extremely fine tipped probe which leaves the client with less down time compared to other brands with larger probes. 

How does Plasma Elite Work?


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January 13, 2018

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