All About Skin Rollering

June 1, 2017

I have decided to write a piece on skin rollers as I feel it’s a grey area in the world of home-care skin regimes. The rollers designed for home use are very different to the medical derma rollers. The home rollers have very, very tiny needles on them, so tiny you can barely see them! The roller doesn’t hurt or damage the skin and it doesn’t cause bleeding.

The purpose of a home roller is to create channels into the skin to enhance the absorption of your products. If you use good homecare products and invest into them, then you really want the best out of them!

You only use your roller at night time, as you wouldn’t want your make up or the dirt and grime of the day channelled into the skin! Eek! Firstly cleanse and tone your skin, so its squeaky clean with no residue of make -up. Run boiling water over your roller before use so this is also squeaky clean! Applying a very light pressure use a quick motion to move your roller in as many different directions as possible. The more channels created the better the outcome. Beware if you press too hard you can scratch the skin, creating more of a scraping movement rather than a rolling one.

After spending 5 –10 minutes rollering it is now time to apply your products. You may have a slight red glow to the skin, this is normal.

All the benefits of skin rollering

  • Reduction in fine line

  • Reduction in deep wrinkles

  • Reduction in crows feet

  • Reduction in scarring

  • Reduction in pigmentation marks

  • Smoother skin tone

  • Boosts collagen production

  • Boosts absorption of skin care products

  • Increases the concentration of products in your skin

  • Anti-ageing


To achieve these benefits of rollering start using your roller only twice a week then slowly build up to using it 3-4 times a week.






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