Essential Bridal Skin Prep

January 13, 2018


I get a lot of brides coming in to see me to make their skin glow for their wedding. Here is my list of skin essentials for any bride - with a time line!

This treatments on this timeline would be customised for each clients individual needs. 


One year before wedding

Find a good home care skin routine and stick to it, consistency is the key here.

Get into the habit of drinking 1-2 litres of water a day.


The brides that I advise, start on Environ AVST 1 moisturiser (if they aren't on Environ already!), Vita Peptide Eye gel, and a decent cleanser suited to their skin. I would also look at any concerns that need treating such as acne or pigmentation. 


Six months before wedding 

Book a course of facials to suit your skin either an intensive course followed by a one a month maintenance facial or alternatively book one facial a month from now until the wedding. 

Facials will address any skin concerns and will also stop any stress showing on your skin. They will also ensure you are absolutely glowing for the big day. 


Add vitamins and supplements into your routine, the skin needs to be treated from the inside as well as the out. I would recommend The advanced nutrition program Skin Omegas, to prevent the skin from being dehydrated and also Skin Complete which includes a vitamin A supplement and a antioxidant. All essential elements for a healthy skin, and healthy skin is a glowing skin. 


Four months before wedding

Trial any new treatments now that you are considering having just before the wedding such as dermaplaning and the Environ HydraBoost treatment. As I would recommend these facials the week of the wedding. I describe these facials as instant results type treatments.

Continue with your good habits from above ^


One week before wedding 

Decide which facial to have this week after trialling them a few months before. Purchase a lovely relaxing and calming face mask to use in the morning of the wedding to ensure your make up goes on perfectly. 



Remember to take sunscreen! Environ RAD is my sunscreen of choice and Hydrating oil capsules are a great travel product to keep the skin in tip top condition whilst your away. 






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